Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lost grooves

Block by block, I built my reveries
reaching the sky, one on top of the other.
They weren’t stable and often jumped pieces
like monkeys in an antic play;
to make me smile, to see me tickled
by tiny joys in its unfitting grooves and sated levels
of imagination,
until one day another traveler in my life
shook them with his stick.
Really hard.
His name was Reality he said;
and he tore apart my dreams
bit by bit,
as it all crashed taking me down with the million pieces
that I painstakingly and lovingly created.
Some bruises later,
I only stood up;
held it all in my tiny fist
and began to build it all over again.
Only now, there is a taste of reality
in its sliced being.
Like cutting onions for a tasty meal
I bore the tears through invisible eyes. 
image from the internet