Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gasp. Sing. Live

As the fire still goes out continuously, dying out on its own self
I shall caress her strings till she sings out in joy..
I may not know her heart's notes or the right chords to pull
but I can create music out of her, like a mother can make a baby smile!
Singing to myself, the winds and the spray of water from the seas,
the sands shall dance in the light and I shall wave with her euphony.
I'll jump out of my soul to dance in the chilling night
looking at the woman playing with the a black body of sculptured curves
giving out ecstatic gasps of delight until she finds the next spot for her pleasure and mine.
I know she'll be lost in thoughts, fingers plucking on their own
while her mind wanders around the dark skies
and the pearl-white moon.. to the stars and her love.
The flames already reflect in her eternally awakened eyes while lips sing
as she falls into a sound oblivion...
while I dance in bliss!


Image from the internet.