Friday, July 13, 2012

Envisioning Reality

Itinerant roads roam their way through fogged sights of my being
cutting through the suspended invisibility of dark secrets and earthy light,
tracing those numbed memories in the eons of my past- beautiful and seething;
sprinkling his smiles on moist ground from my tears trite.

His cherubic grin hops from one joyful stone to the next
as welcoming as the opening lips of a woman who loves her other soul,
offering herself to the reason of existence towards a seed growing convex;
cutting through my near frozen thoughts with a formless and farce parole.

But it flung me-to the crassly corner of imaginations and visions
coercing and pushing my dreams towards reality until the soil lay dug
with my desire to hold his hands in mere mental collisions,
while I slept on flitting clouds enceinte with my hollowness into the carnal drug.

Still he awoke-pacing along the rim of fallen petals crested,
creating words and sounds sailing on the concrete lines of love infested.


                                                               Image from the internet  

A Shakespearean Sonnet -Insipired 
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