Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Leave where again?

Let me leave it here, I tell myself.
Building blocks and scourging for jobs;
pleasing people and being polite to the best of my being.
While I love the sea I live in; something suffocates,
and drowns. The little gasps of air above this blue trance
give me little yellow sunshine spots of joy.
Let’s leave it all and steal some money, perhaps.
Roam through the streets of hidden hills and solitary forests
in unity and love with the fresh air that I breathe
and the other girl inside of me.
Let me just go around those places,
Broken swings and overgrown jumpsuits,
wading pools and many a strip club
themed around little kids and the grandmothers in their prime..
appreciating whatever is left of the world, people. 
My perception too,maybe.
Or Let's go to the guy I stole the money from and buy him a soda.
And perhaps, create a little bookstore with yellowed pages
that many have flipped and
A little bell that runs through loud
behind the counter and across the carpets
as someone approached me and says:
“Got some books that smell lovely
and a colouring book for my daughter?” 

                                          Image above is from the internet.Not mine!