Saturday, October 9, 2010


In an unprecedented place she stood, 
with the wind blowing against her face..
curly locks dancing with the wind
and small eyes that played with the crimson rays..
that fell with a silent touch on her
Illuminating the rock she stood on,
girl that she was, saw the world 
which from its bounty, 
showed her the way to love and life.
Not holding back with any reins..
like a wild horse, venturing into the unknown lands and hearts, all alone.
Without a caution or doubt,she smiled.
A genuine smile that seemed to melt people's heart...
All that was seen behind those rosy lips were happiness and innocence...
Talking without fear and radiating fierce goodness
a journey she had, 
trusting all, on her way.. Not realizing hurt,
through lovely roads of fresh meadows, colourful flowers and serene settings.
As she grew, her thoughts grew.So did, ideas, inhibitions and fear.
Doubt of receiving true love, scared to express the affection and care within
for the fear of being rejected or laughed at,
drove her to extended hours of silent tears.
Swallowed tears they were, of the self, never reaching the earth
or another's hands...
The same path she lead now too,as that of the girl, but with a little sorrow behind her smile
and a fear in the unknown terrains..
that gripped her through lonely roads of mysterious ways.
A woman now.,
scared to break free, those locks of love.
For the wrath and fear of disappointment,
she refused. She held herself tight, just to herself..
which she won't throughout
She saw, beyond those dark and shadowed trees of never ending heights, 
there lay a path waiting to be tread on..
But with an air of unknown silence..
soon to be crossed.
With someone who'll break her heart and love her still...
A clear ringing sound of laughter would fly through the skies..
the laughter of her own self, just rediscovered.



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