Friday, December 10, 2010

Him, Anew.

I saw him from far as he approached from there,
At the line I would call the middle as the path can bear..
With the lights shining hard on his face,
that made him glow along his funny pace..
As my small eyes could see,
I could see him fly towards me..
With a mischievous glint in his eyes
oh, that look that made me go so high!
He carried an elegant walk, shaking his head to a side, so hard..
in a desperate attempt to have the sunlight barred,
which did go in vain, as it still danced along with his hair 
and made him give me a helpless smile of despair.. 
I looked at the brown of his hair, an original black,
like the radiance of love and my sight of him, it did attack...
I looked at him shrug and come close to me, 
Jumping up and down, and a near fall.. in all his glee,
I saw my kid stagger up holding onto the wall 
and with the frolicsome glance, He seemed ready for a friendly brawl..
I turned around and ran a little slow, for him to catch up with me
My boy of happiness did run in all his acme,
and gripped my wrist so tight, that made me want to run fast
Instead I stood there giving in to his strength, unsurpassed..
He held me firm and let his hands do the charm
running his fingers around my waist as I laughed in alarm..
He seemed to have enjoyed the dance as I jumped ;
as his tickles multiplied, an unknown voice in my throat lay as a lump..
As the laughter ceased and the voice started trying to reach,
the air so free, and his heart beating with the beats of the wind across a beach...
He slid his arms around my shoulder and added to it a beam, 
The voice told me He was mine and so it seemed..
As the notes of the sound traveled up my tongue,
he looked at me and waved me a bye unsung..
I watched him go, my friend so anew..
as the sounds chanted a whisper..
 " oh! I so love you! " 

~ Hemu 

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