Sunday, February 26, 2012


Silent mirrors stay as a hanging witness, it's ornate wooden frame soaked 
in the moist of the hot vapours of water steaming hot; 
just not as much as the ones that ran down her cheeks.
She cries in silent desperation lying white lies hidden behind blatant 
words of consolation flying with the winds, unsated; 
for her ego approached none to let them be uttered. 
She wandered through roads she didn't know of, 
on swings high, not touching the ground..
in cemeteries overgrown with green and the dead 
and many a page's quick perusal 
while her soul flies elsewhere;
jumping signals and passing through 
small kids with blue balloons in their hands, a glee she once was. 
She sought out a way that will seep through the macabre of 
not realizing dreams or living a few words, 
to see some smiles and steal a few hugs..
She only has it just looking back through the reflection of someone
she barely knows;
Staring back..
a hazy form merging with dank tears and 
hot water running cold. 


                                          Image from the internet 


  1. awesome work done with words !
    good feel it gives :)

  2. hello Deepak,
    Thanks a lot :) Glad to see you here..

  3. this is my photo! credit it or delete it.

    Laura Zalenga

  4. Hello Laura. I'm not taking credit for the photo. I had saved it for my desktop long ago and didn't have the link to your site. (Which was why I had typed it as 'Image from the Internet'. My apologies if it seems like a purposeful misuse. Beautiful picture by the way.

    Photo Credits :


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