Wednesday, October 15, 2014


We are all but broken women 
pieced together by the joyful memories 
lining every heartbreak,
every belied relationship 
and all of the hidden sorrows
behind fallacious, colourful smiles. 

We are but broken girls 
sprouting out of our own wombs,
further broken with every push;
standing out of monotony 
as a lovely mosaic of our own mess. 

We are broken.
But oh, the shards are just too beautiful 
to comprehend,
to surpass 
or to be neglected. 

Just remember to piece yourself together.
You'll be spectacular. 

Original Artwork by Hemalatha Venkatman | Copyrighted  | Do not reproduce without permission 
|In connection with my art blog Hemu's Art Blog's ongoing Inktober Challenge and the Facebook page of this blog where I have been putting up a poem a day. | 

~Penned and sketched by Hemu 


  1. Love the sketch. The usage of the multicolored pattern (like in interior designs) is absolutely cool. And it goes so well with the "broken but pieced together by the joyful memories" metaphor. Very clever!

    1. Hi Rajesh,

      I began doing this sketch with a similar thought in mind. Once I finished it though, this poem struck me. So, in this case, the sketch was the inspiration to work.
      Thank you so much. I'm glad the metaphor and the co-relation came through.


  2. We are all broken...
    Beyond repair..
    Still beautiful :)


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