Thursday, July 16, 2015

Terribly Tiny Love Letters 08: A Nameless Stupor

When the window panes are raised and the doors are firmly shut,
when I’m locked away in this little world of mine
I shout out your name
because I’ve not said it aloud enough times.
I’ve not heard my own voice
say it such that I can hear it hanging
around me;
and so,
in the silence of a shut car,
I say your name that echoes in my ears
a time or two
to hear how it sounds coming from my lips
and aloud
in difference to
the thousand times in my mind.


Image credits: Madame De Papilon


  1. :) thousand times in my head... rings a bell. Saying it aloud, does somehow make it more real...

  2. emotions portrayed ! loved it :)


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