Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little acts of love

My hand in yours as we walk across a beach's stretch,
basking in the glory of the full moon's rays,
A little look into my eyes.. and a small tilt in your face, 
A moment shared, a happiness so known,I shall see it along the bays...

A day off from our works and fatigue, 
to stand next to the stove, an island of vegetables and wine,
A kiss with the machete cutting away the intrigue
A dinner table for two shared, as we dine.. 

To a gathering as we leave, 
I'd love to stand in front of the mirror as you lean,
To look into the man and woman that we see
in an embrace and a smile of a thousand stars gleaming with love...

A night away into darkness as I sleep,
and to wake up, to find you staring at me,
In full knowledge of the hours that passed
I know that my day is made, by the eyes of yours that I see...

In a festive swing, as we do meet,
People of all classes, yours and mine
to say with pride, that I'm your wife,
To hold my hands and make me dance...

As you fall sick and I do tend,
cancelling every other event, for you look blue
yet when you lie down there, with weary eyes : that do send,
glances of love and a strong,silent thank you..

A tired day followed by an evening nap,
to wake up in the blankets of the night and the door locked tight,
To see a light at the edge of the bed,
You, standing there, as you do give me, from the cake,a bite..

To see you gleam in that candlelight,
with the soft breeze kissing your cheek.,
you look at me as my birthday starts
to endless infinity, a journey, our life so shared..

For you to know that it aches me as I walk
and to press my feet after a dance,
To look at you as I own you as just mine,
And knowing you love sleeping on me, by every single chance...

As a day that leads to the birth of a new one,
To see your eyes water in pain to look at my strain
to wake up from slumber, to see you looking at my face, you own
now you say, A beautiful wife and a pink little gain... 

To  remove framed photographs from a carton packed
to fight over which goes where and later lighter moments we do share,
In reverse, a few steps back. together, in constant rhythm,
our hands over each others shoulders, to glance at an ordered wall...

To hug me in front of my kids and say that you love me more
to help me with my chores and take me out for vacations I love
to travel in a steam locomotive train as it puffs smoke so grey 
Like the colour of our hair, we've grown old, lets say...

Love is here, in these little things so cute
for a kiss on a wedding and a hug so special,
Me in a gown and you in a suit..
It just feels like love out of the notes of a flute...



  1. seems too personal and intimate,for me to comment on.

  2. I dont understand how.. :D The poem was meant to talk about intimacy.. but I dont understand what you're trying to say! :)

  3. It sounds like your personal feelings that is penned down,which do not need any comments;rather than a literary piece of work that is open for criticism


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