Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Unseen Tears

There survives a clown.
Colours so bright on his clothes
and people's smirks so humiliating and full of glee, 
when they see that painted face..
in red, green and vivid colours 
showcasing the stark reality of human emotions,
ones that they find so entertaining.
Exaggerated eyes, open to happenings, 
Ears that listen to what they have to say..
Hair of Nature's vibrant hues, 
catching and grabbing everyone's attention- To be laughed at.
He is who they call a clown...
In funny clothes and a big red  nose, 
which manipulates a smile on their faces..
On this stage, he brought out his caliber, 
Qualities that were surpassed upon as yet another cheap trick to make them laugh..
The world's sadistic thoughts and pleasures were revealed,
when they see him jump up and down, to fill his stomach..
coz then, they laugh till their stomachs ache.
Masses just fall off their chairs, laughing at his antics
and the talent that they don't realize,
just seeing that smile. A powerful one.
At the end, they get up to leave, 
not bothering about a man who is calling for them to stay,
or a hug to share,
or a mere handshake to remember.
All that they did was, still laugh at his face.. 
and the bogus walk that he possessed.
Everybody was convinced of the large smile painted on his face,
that just smiled despite sad drooping lips and looks.
Nobody cared to come near,
assuming the happiness he faked.
Had they come near and seen a little farther, 
they would've seen and felt
the tears dying into a ground so moist.
It's just tears flowing free...
beyond the painted smile that they all just see.


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  1. Hmmmmmm..standing ovation with unseen tears in me...:-)


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