Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Her life that they paint...

She weaved a sheepish smile at the mention of his name,
and giggled like a girl unlike the laughter of a woman I wanted to see.
Screens acted as saviours and telephonic voices were all that she heard.
There are people around, friends and family
who know how she likes her eggs and the mood she is by her strewn slippers..
yet she seems to love that man who comes online
or who she meets with consent of families, a grown-up thing I never did understand.
What about silent glances and stealthy kisses?
Where is the secret of love?
I stare as blatantly as I can to grasp the system that keeps slipping off
my cheesy hands and
a heart very easily flattered by poetry.
I try to see the love, the fights and the memorable moments that shall flash
through her eyes as she gets married,
but what if there are no memories?
What if casual conversations are all that reach the mind that tries
to tame the already trained heart to bring out a questionnaire to know the other?
Where does that feral hope of every woman go,
the one who waits for a dashing young man to speed by and catch her unawares?
Probably there is some logic that my small (or fat?) head seems to reject...
It has created a population that beats most of the world.
All this picks up its pace in my jumbled brain as she bows down
with a twitch near the corner of her lips and a hesitant smile.
Waiting to start a new life with someone she may just hardly know.
I wonder if it works like a different kind of weed.. full of excitement and expectations..
I look through the falling petals
for I know the mehendi on her hands will grow red even if he doesn't know her...
but, will he stare at it smiling, looking at her and kissing them as they grow dry?

                                         Photo from the internet.



  1. The unknown is often the most need not know everything to be in fact, you need not know anything to fall in love...example..arranged marriages.... after all you have a lifetime to catch up on everything...unfolding the petals of a flower/unfolding the secrets of a significant other- both are painstaking procedures..but the pleasure is significant....guard your heart against cynicism- this world need all the believers and poets it has...

  2. @ Mr. Ganesh puttu- I think it happens to be a highly personal view on that one. Falling in love varies from one person to the next. What I meant to imply was that it is a system I'm unable to comprehend... Personally, I wont have any confidence of a relationship working just on the basis of happy families or a marriage contract. there has to be something beyond it!

  3. I too wonder how Arranged marriages work out and it was working out..

    Probably the situation is 'no other go' so have to get acquainted with each other kind of..and thats how the arr marriages have been working out

    and yea falling in love depends and varies from person to person.

    //Personally, I wont have any confidence of a relationship working just on the basis of happy families
    True!! Just becoz the families are happy, it doesnt mean tht the girl n boy have to be happy with each other...they may have their own likings...

    Good read Hemu...
    (Kally - Non Food blogger :P)

  4. //with a twitch near the corner of her lips and a hesitant smile.//

    nice visualization . good poem too !

  5. @kally - Yeash, probably.. it baffles me how it works out, though it does at some level I dont really seem to understand.
    And thanks. fruit blogger! :D

    @Madhi- Hi madhi! :) And thanks a lot...

  6. Great read Hemu.. I believe the arranged marriage system works good only in our country (at least in few places)... It works because of the sacrifices and the adjustments one is willing to undertake. But it may turn out to be great or otherwise...

    I like the parallel you've drawn in the end..

    Life's like that

  7. Hello Anand!
    Totally true.. It works probably more because of compromise than sacrifice. There's a thin line that runs between the two you know?
    And gee, thanks a lot :)


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