Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wishlist to a thirty seconds memory!

When I was younger and even now, people told me, 'Wait till you see the real world'. I said I will. In images and sketches,my dream of the real life floated : designs of an exposed brick work house filled with framed pictures of my life, traveling toes, love, financial and personal success, a little studio and work that I love. It ran in my head that I'd earn all the cash I need to trot around the world and do all that I want to. To dote on designs by virtue of livelihood and live in writing as filled with heavy passion. To read all the beautiful books in the world, sometimes the bad ones- just to know the worth of the good ones, a cosy personal library.. Ah, dreams. Clouds dressed up as angels looming over our heads giving us hope and then filling us with the sweet sweat of the sky. So many things. Little little things.
   And I'm still dreaming of them all.
   It's fun to float in there.



  1. Cool ... You made us live in your mind for thirty seconds ...and it rocked !!!

  2. Good post...By the end of the post I was smiling.

    P.S : Can I call u He-Man..Dont ask me why, it just poped-up when I saw "Hemu" as ur nickname

  3. Thank you Sam. I'm glad I could bring a smile turning up. Of course, you may. What's in a name? Cheers! :)

  4. Good and crisp writing!

    A book-lover I realise :) what kind of books do you read? Do you like browsing for used books?

  5. Hello Mahesh,
    Point-on. I love books. I read all genres, but I love spirituality, romance, some thrillers and poetry more than the others. I always browse for used books, they are yellow, smell brilliant and occasionally have signatures and written history of the person it's coming from and the year. Some of those books are older than be by a decade or so. Isn't it beautiful to continue and adopt those books from these paper mart shops and second hand book stores?


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