Friday, March 1, 2013

Radio Love!

When the days where much in the past filled with joy and innocence, when technology hasn't taken an advert turn forcing itself down our necks, but during a time when we were the masters of the same, there lived a radio in my home that made my whole family's day from morning till the night falls and gloats. This post is dedicated to that radio that braved everyday along with us, thorough the thick, tough and the truce times after many fights and eternal love.
 When I was still in my underwear, trotting around in elementary school,  there was no proper television at my place. ('proper' with reference to nowadays) It was a tiny black and white square box of red and black colours holding up the black oblong Philips radio on its head. (That, was the sole purpose of the television other than Sunday morning happy times watching 'Rangoli' on DD channel where the colours kept filling the Hindi subtitles as the actors danced around the trees that Bollywood had had planted for the very purpose!) There were a couple of buttons, a round disc to tune into radio and a cassette player. I used to wish I had a bigger television to watch cartoons and more movies, but now, I thank my parents for never having bought one till I was much,  much older and myself for never having pushed them for one. I was content with the people who spoke to me through that black being's speakers.
     Mornings began with the radio broadcasting devotional songs for which my mother was highly grateful. I never was awake during those hours but I remember those hours as my mom would chant or sing along with the radio working her way through the kitchen. It was dreamy, with the Tindell effect working it's way into our house's mosaic floors and the smell of food rising up in the air. Sometimes, I would be in and out of sleep  when I would hear her voice in all my drowsiness. It was beautiful.
Later, the radio was tuned into one of the famous radio stations. Songs kept playing and radio jockeys kept talking to us. There would be music while I brush my teeth, when I take my bath, when I put on my uniform's belt, while I gulp down my breakfast, while my father helps me put on my gleaming white canvas shoes and till I run out of the door with him. They made my day into music, into notes and lyrics that kept playing in my head all the time. Back then, with no remote or buttons to immediately change the channels and given our busy or lazy nature in the mornings, there would be but one channel floating it's offerings through the wind. We listened to the RJ speak about women's issues, about America, about the traffic and last night's rain.There was continuity and an anonymous bond that existed unlike now when radio means more often the time killer during the wait in traffic; in cars with buttons to change the channels every second.

But this was completely different. There was something about it, that radio.

   The morning news would be relayed on the 'Aakashwani' which told me of the time. My father and I would beat for the door, for it meant the time was 8.15 a.m and time for school. The newsreader had such a pleasant voice but it also meant I was late and so never during weekdays did I ever get to hear her recite the news fully nor during the weekends for I would still be dozing.

The radio that we once had at home! 
 Evenings, when I think about it now, were pleasant. No television sounds, no serials and soap operas, no movies. Just good music that assists you finish your evening chores, that helps you relax with some good milk, that helps you read and that helps you write. I wonder how much I would be into either reading or writing if I had had a 'state-of-the-art' television at home. Radio, music and RJ's taught me so much more than an idiot box could ever have. Just as they taught me to fall in love with the old Tamil and Hindi songs that were played well into the night lulling us to sleep. I do remember vividly how my entire family would gather and sit together to listen to one particular RJ during the nights. His voice was the most soothing one ever and his thoughts were stringed in such a beautiful way that all we could ever do was listen to him and smile. I wonder if he or any of the other RJ's knew how much they moved us, made us smile and tear up or just plainly engage without an idle mind for company. Well, they made our day always, starting up the next day where they had left the night before.

   There were no fights in the evenings for the television remote or what channel one wants to watch, merely songs that we all loved and listened to, as a family.
  To the rushing mornings with peppy music and liveliness, to the evenings that helped us run around and the soothing nights of family dinner and sheer dulcet mood before our eyes drop into dreams, I am forever thankful to that companion, our dear radio!

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  1. Hi Hemlatha,

    Ahh, this post brought back sweet memories of my childhood and growing up days, when I used to be a regular listener to the radio broadcasts.

    Most of the songs which I remember now have been heard on the radio itself.

    Thanks for a trip down memory lane. Keep posting good stuff :)


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  2. Ah, what a lovely post. i have vivid memories of the radio as well but in our house it wasn't running all through the day. I remember the English songs which my mother listened to zealously and most of her favourites are mine as well. There used to be an RJ called Raj who had a heavenly voice and played lovely numbers. Most of the songs I know now are due to the radio played arduously by amma.

    Thanks for this nostalgic journey, Hemalatha.

    Joy always,

  3. @Jay Singh- Thanks for dropping by. So true, isn't it? Some of the best times of our generation and before have benefited greatly from this beautiful thing! Do keep in touch here, Cheers!

    @Susan-Thank you Susan. It indeed is a pleasure to be able to share this joy with all of the world and you. I wish you all joy and smiles with those nostalgic pieces of music. Much love and smiles, Hemu

  4. Ahh, just last week i was put into nostalgia by our good old sanyo rado (the traditional anaog tuning radio)when i wanted to listen to a program in which i was told , that our friend was talking . Much to my nostalgic mood , the radio was not able to broadcast that particular station upset me very much . One more radio in my house also could only tune into just one station . Felt too bad , tried repairing it for a while ..failed.This post just put that " Repair Radio" on top priority on my 'things to do' !! Thank you hems :)

  5. My old radio is gone and away. I have a new one, disconnected and unused for it doesn't seem personal for some reason, with its flashy colours and digital tuning! Do make sure you get it repaired soon, Vimal. Some years down the lane, and it'll become an antique piece. :)
    Cheers and smiles,

  6. Nostalgic :)
    tis article just exploded the hidden experience I had (most of us had).
    Those are lovely unforgettable moments...
    I stil remember my mom plays a cassate (govinda govinda venkataramana govinda) evry morg which she bot from tirupathi after devotional songs.
    I wonder hw many kinds nw knows wat is a cassate. wen am typing evn the google dictionary is not accepting the word...
    am happy to be born in the age were I had get to experience radio, tv, video game, snake n ladder and many such stuff :)
    ur post jus triggered goody old memories :)
    tank yu!

    1. I completely agree Suja. Kids from this generation will never know the connection between a cassette and a pen,old video games and manually tuned radio when we knew the FM stations by hear.
      Thank you for dropping by! Keep in touch!


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