Sunday, June 23, 2013


Give me the mountains and hills,
all the nooks and crannies between the bushes and the cracks in the stone.
Give me their void, give me their echoes.
Give me that which gives back a hundred if I send across one.
I'll give them my love,
thus not wasted on many supposedly alive.
Let's forget them, shall we?
Instead replenish it all
on the
mountains alive
and the echoes real.

(Originally written on the road-towards Shimla. With minor changes to keep clear of profanity here)



  1. Your Poem Reminds Me The Sunday; I was Also Wandering,In The Hills Of Kokan.
    hills Was Full OF Fog & Water falling From Every Where & The Evening, Oh!!! What a Day,Thanks For Remind Me It.

  2. My pleasure, Gagan. Mountains are the best, is it not?
    Thank you! Please be connected here.


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