Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Croaking Under the Sun

I run around with this paper cup in hand,
handing out smiles in return for cynicism and more laughter. 
I am probably stupid
to bear the misery they have to offer 
Source: Google images 
weighing my pockets down
just so I can be myself,
but it seemed so much easier 
than lunging around much heavier masks 
of happiness and sorrow;
prim and proper. 
Of love and hate colliding 
against the face that perceives. 
So, I chucked them all 
as people taught me to build 
the same
with restraint and probable intelligence,
to immerse myself in blissful nonchalance. 
I won't drown. 
Agony vanishes in water
and nothing else keeps me down
as I fight heavy judgmental
telling my tale to the fish that leaps 
forth into the air so bereft while full of life 
for brief laps of time,
enjoying the edge but always back to safety,
unlike me.
I don't know how to swim yet.
But croak I shall if I must 
as I am,
but never cloak.*

*It doesn't apply when I am flying around saving people. Just saying. 


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