Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What if?

Source: Google images: Flickr: Alex Korting's page

What if I chase you down the alley looking at the lines of your body
meeting the ground,
merging with its moving nature and static while I see? 
What if I run upto you and tap your shoulder,
waiting to see you turn around with a happy smile
but see a stranger's big brown eyes reflecting my own?
Would I still know then, who I am in love with? 



  1. WHAT IF ?????? there was no love in this world...
    Good Try Hemu

  2. I've read the poem for almost 10 times in last five minute and every time it sounded as beautiful and as the first time. And you're definitely in love with the words more than anything.

  3. Hey Anurag!
    Thank you so much man. Seems like you are in love with words yourself.
    And it is true. I fall in love with the simplicity and the simultaneous complexities, the answers and the questions that arise from writing. It is just so beautiful.
    Thank you btw. :) Please do stay connected.


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