Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Demon Darkness-es

And so when finally, 
your darkness peeped and led its head out towards opulent skies 
living in a space too bright to be comforting;
mine jumped from a rather cozy nook between unsaid truths and half-complete lies
to lend a hand and save your face disintegrating in the white 
that we later together beat. 
I'm only glad our demons are on the same side. 



  1. Nice one Hema :)
    Inspired by your brief stanza - some thoughts :)

    Some demons are within,
    Some demons outside,
    In our attempt to tame the one outside,
    We forget the needs,
    Of the demon inside!

    Sometimes the demon inside,
    Is best left dormant,
    If we attempt to feed it,
    It possesses us,

    Some demons are best left caged!

    1. Hi Mahesh! Thank you so much.And that's a good thought there.
      Though, do you really think some demons ought to be caged?
      I wrote this one more on the lines of darkness and put the face with 'demon'. :)

  2. intriguing!!!! made my mind to boggle a lot!!! finally, i felt the write up is so thoughtful!


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