Saturday, March 14, 2015


It has become necessary for you to climb the corporate ladder
and quit in time when there’s a safe stack of money ready to hold you if you fall;
when you begin to chase long lived dreams of staring at the stars in multiple countries
from under canvas tents, atop motorbikes and by campfires.
Should I throw away what I shouldn't have had in the first place
with the only means to chase my dreams being the ideal fall
of chasing sunsets and sunrises, meeting new people
and dining on different tables, settings with wine, tea and cheese?
Would the world say I followed my dream by deciding to throw away a luxurious life
that I never wanted
or that I settled for the penury that I deserve? 

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  1. taking the road not taken is quite a scary thought for most people. but if you have the guts to do it- nothing gives more satisfaction over the long term- think decades rather than years. if thats what you want- thats what you should aim for- sod society

    1. True that, Doctor. One of the most difficult things though is to choose between pragmatism and idealism. I'm right in between the two now and that raises a lot of questions.



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