Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Terribly Tiny Love Letters 05: Abandon

I had at a point grown into the opinion
that I lusted after you
I simply got reminded later on,
what this had initially been.
When I sat loosely next to you
allowing a slouch to live its lazy life in its acme,
letting my head rest on your shoulders
with no regard to the angle of my face
or the countenance's perception
to your eyes;
I let me eyelids droop for that one moment
trusting your presence next to me.
That's when I realised that that
what I really longed and long for
is someone to sit next to,
with abandon.

Source: Watermarked. Image from the internet 


  1. Simply beautiful ....deep, filled with emotions....loved the post.

  2. Beautiful.. The poem as well as the new look to your blog

    1. Thank you very much Mathi. You were always in discomfort over reading from the earlier layout. I finally changed it! :)


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