Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Cindrella story

I stood next to her as she looked with eager eyes at those women,
with all of a hundred thousand butterflies trapped inside of her, 
A heart that only knew how to love and cry, unsummoned, 
Yet scared to show what she is, scared to err. 

Her eyelashes lifted up to call the falling snows, 
Rain gathered up in her cloudy eyes..
She wanted to hug and cry, like a little baby doe
Yet she fell at the bench unable to rise. 

This girl here, I don't know..
why she wouldn't live, why she wouldn't realize, 
that life outside beckons, that she needn't bow..
I don't know why she settled for her tattered disguise.

I placed my hand on her shoulder for her to feel, 
to know there was someone standing next to her that she didn't see 
Her moist eyes couldn't see me through, a watered veil
She looked trapped, with a face that said it'll never be free.

"Who are you?", she asked in utter astonishment.
"I am your fairy godmother, who else?", I said.
She stared at me from top to bottom, in dissent..
For, to her I didn't see godmother-bred.

"You don't look old, you don't have a wand,
Your hair ain't white, I cant see any cloak in sight,
How do you suppose I'll take you for real, for me to bond?
If you aren't all that, how are you supposed to be right?"

Her soul was searching for an answer I could envision,
for I was in front of her wearing a black gown, as dark as the sky,
yet with all the light it needs, I supposed, the vision.
I stood next to her, a girl, everything that she is, just standing by.

"I needn't have come in a cloak for you to reckon,
I needn't spin it high and low for you to believe, aurum..
I'm everything that you are, just like you, every other second..
For I can't see you sitting forever like this, always mum."

She looked up to see, what I'd do..
I only sat there, looking at her blue form staring at me hard,
I could see pain emanate, from what had been given to her, the rue,
She sighed, looked down at the winter daisy next to her, her air so sad.

"Don't you want to go out there, where they've gone?
It'll be fun. Lights, people and so many ball songs,
Your Prince Charming might be waiting, to take you, for him,you might've born,
So, you can't be weeping here, you can't take so long!"

Her eyes sparkled with a sudden excitement, and she looked up to see me,
"So, can you give me a blue ball gown to wear?
I want to see the whole world, for that one man-to have, to see,
That one man who'll find me in that blue, so rare!"

I sighed and shook my head, and saw her face fall.
and her hands fiddled with her cotton dress,
"Then how will I go to the ball?",
she asked, "how will I look the best?"

"What did you think my job was? It's not to give you a gown to wear
and a coach to ride, but to tell your heart to pursue what it desires,
for one day your bright blue dress may tear,
but your love will stand strong while your coach might expire!"

"You don't need that dress to see your love,
you don't need riches to make him see you, to love you,
If you can enjoy a sunset as they fly by, doves
so harmonious, he is there, your beau."

"But what if he doesn't notice ", she inquired,
"what if he doesn't know, oh what will I do?
If even I didn't know, that he's the one heavens have hired,
what if he can't see through?"

She was intelligent, but not enough for her mind to take,
for her heart was large, and it held thoughts too many,
I asked her to try her luck, to brush off the flake,
to live her life, go where her feet takes her, to find her silver jenny!

She got up a little better, to wash her face and get into another
simple green cotton dress, not torn yet..
She stooped to pick up the daisies,to place them on her hair. A smother,
and I sent her off by the lake, my sweet little pet.

He came by to catch a breath of fresh air,
Just in time, a man she had seen before,
Tall, handsome and fair,
during many days of her life of chores!

He was the man she saw dressed in simple clothes,
like a vagabond boy, running through the outskirts,
who had many a time stole her stares, from the corner roads,
his roadside songs of love, her concerts.

He saw her refection against the dark sky, a girl so bright,
the girl who he loved, the simple girl so kind,
A cheery song, her voice so sweet and his cherished sight,
His love who turned him shaky, his love who turned him blind.

"Would you like to dance?", he asked, his hand outstretched,
She looked at the familiar face with fear, scared to give,
yet he didn't give up, her hand, he himself fetched,
He pulled her close to dance, the song so faint and the life ahead to live.

She looked at his black eyes that pierced her heart,
"I've been waiting for you for so long, to see you like this,
As the little lass I love, who didn't know I'm a prince, a bart,
to take you in my arms, oh, this must be bliss!"

"I'm no princess, as you can see", she exclaimed.
"just a girl from the houses, where you'll never be,
I didn't expect you here, I don't know what to say,
but whatever it is, in your arms, I find glee!"

I looked at them dance and as he walked her in,
she turned back to look at me, and smiled in full,
suddenly, she told him something and walked towards me, with a grin,
and she hugged me hard, like a strong little bull..

"Tell me, my friend, how did you know?
that he was here to see me come, that I had him in my dreams?"
I told her I was her godmother and that I'd know,
that I know more than her, what does happen and how it seems.

Yet, after that she asked me a question, that made me cry,
"Are you also in love?", she asked me so cute,
I looked at the moon flying with the clouds that went by,
I thought of the man who did, have my heart, who did loot.

"Yes, I am, but it won't make any difference now,
situations have gone beyond my control,
So, for now, in, you have to go,
there is something written for you inside that scroll."

She saw me look her through my brown eyes  blurred,
she hugged me hard, something that no one had given me,
and said, "You may be my fairy godmother, but love has incurred,
and like you said to me, you'll never know, until you jump into the sea."

Tears ran down my cheek as I let her go,
and as she last whispered into my ears, a farewell note,
Just then, it again began to snow,
"Go tell him,I know he loves you too, just as you float!"

I saw her smile and I knew,
she was my fairy godmother, that the heavens had dewed !


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